Scissors collections
Tweezers, scissors, files,
health and beauty accessories,
manicure, pedicure.
Trends collections, Exotic, Célébration, etc.
Bath and grooming

Hair brushes, combs,
exfoliating and massage gloves and mitts,
toiletry bags, ear plugs, etc.
Reading glasses,

A selection of models designed and selected
in keeping with the latest fashions.
Thin lenses, visual comfort..
Selective make-up
Nail polish, lipstick made in France.
Brushes, natural sea sponges,
loofahs, etc.…
70° and 80° Eau de Cologne..
Made in France with fragrances of the South.

Child care accessories

Bath, meal, cares, pacifiers, baby gifts and early years toys...

 Honey gum, gum arabic, pastilles, liquorice and sugar-free with active ingredients enriched with plants and fruit, provide soothing relief and beneficial effects, in a range of flavours and sensations

A dynamic line of thin, high quality condoms.
Saintex Jeune (Low cost)
Saintex Supra (Pleasure)
Saintex Emotion (Beaded and ribbed)

Personalised customer loyalty materials. Bags, labels, personal assistance, registered Estipharm pill dispenser, etc.